A Home Grown Revolution

A garden is a microcosm of a world, with all the problems of the outside world,” says my mother, Ruth. Their are some exceptions. Vegetable gardens offer a source of food that is not influenced by fluctuating markets nor are they dependent on foreign oil. With the American economy teetering on the brink of a … Continue reading

Slides from 2001-2005: An Apprenticeship with Color and Composition

Kiongwani Secondary School, Kenya Nogales, Mexico West Rim, Crand Canyon Hoover Damn, Nevada Fort Benning, Georgia Fort Benning, Georgia Santa Cruz, California Mt. Limon, Arizona Walla Walla, Washington Escalante, Utah New Paltz, New York New York, New York San Francisco, California Chiapas, Mexico India Milam Glacier, India Milam Glacier Reno, Nevada New York Portland, Maine … Continue reading